Have I grown an extra head or something?

Open Hand

Image by AmyZZZ1 via Flickr

Sheesh. Everyone, friends and family alike, are looking at me strangely. Either they don’t believe the words coming out of my mouth, like ummmmm …..NO, or my now not gray hair is on end, atop an extra head! Isn’t empty nest syndrome supposed to make me nuts, not everyone else?

I believe they are all in shock. No one seems to know how to accept that I am me, Wonderful Ama, aside from being a mom. “What? You have things you want to do?” “It’s meeeee, you can’t tell me no!” ” I’m beginning to worry. It is so unlike you to spend money on yourself. I was going to ask for gas money.” “You didn’t cook dinner, so I am supposed to starve?”

Muhahahahaha! There is more where that came from kiddos.


About nearlyemptynest

Our nest is nearly empty, with our youngest child soon to be making his way into the adult world. It is never a dull moment here! I hope to share the journey with you of becoming a truly empty nest, what life holds besides being Mom, and any adventures I enjoy during this time.
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